Struggling with invoicing? Try iKhokha’s digital invoice tool

iK Invoice lets small business owners to manage their billing and payments in one place.

iK Invoice lets small business owners to manage their billing and payments in one place.

Published Mar 23, 2023


iKhokha, a leading digital payment solutions provider, has launched its new digital invoice tool, iK Invoice.

The tool is available within the iKhokha app, allowing small business owners to manage their billing and payments in one place.

iK Invoice helps business owners save time by simplifying billing processes. With iK Invoice, customers can send unlimited invoices for free and will only be charged a transaction fee once their invoice is paid.

This means that business owners can now save hours invoicing, as iK Invoice empowers them to create and send invoices in seconds and track them via the iKhokha app or iK Dashboard – iKhokha’s merchant portal.

iK Invoice will also prompt faster payments as international studies have shown that 75% of digital invoices are paid within a day.

"Small business owners are the backbone of our economy, and we understand the importance of providing them with solutions that help them to save time and grow their business," said Matt Putman, CEO of iKhokha. "With iK Invoice, we've made it easier than ever for business owners to manage their billing and collect outstanding payments faster."

iK Invoice uses payment link technology to help customers get paid. Customers can make payments directly from the digital invoice, which business owners can send via email or WhatsApp.

"We believe in the power of digitising business and helping small business owners thrive in the digital age," said Putman.

"iK Invoice is a tool that empowers business owners to focus on what they do best - running their business - whilst we help ensure that they get paid," he said.

Ideal for professionals working remotely, in-field teams that invoice on-the-go, catering companies, health and wellness practitioners, travel and tourism, freelancers and large organisations like churches or stokvels, iK Invoice makes it easier to secure appointments, take deposits and get paid.

It's another valuable tool on the iKhokha app, which already offers a range of features such as card payment acceptance, prepaid product sales, sales tracking and business funding.

The iK Invoice tool is currently available on iKhokha’s Android app and merchant dashboard, with an iOS version currently in development.

Sign up in under 5 minutes via the iKhokha app or iKhokha’s merchant dashboard to start using iK Invoice.

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