Boy, 10, mentally scarred after pit bull attack

Hugs: Mary-Ann holds her son. Picture: supplied

Hugs: Mary-Ann holds her son. Picture: supplied

Published May 31, 2024


Cape Town - A 10-year-old boy has been left traumatised after he was mauled by a pit bull in Macassar.

Since the incident on May 17, the boy has not been back to school.

His heartbroken father Llewellyn de Wee said his son is still traumatised.

“This happened while he was with his mother, he was playing with his friends when the dog bit him.

“The dog belongs to a man who lives opposite his mother’s house. The kids were playing in front of the yard when the attack happened.

“Someone must have left the door open because the dog ran through the house and went outside and attacked my child.

“He was the only one who was mauled,” De Wee said.

He said a neighbour then ran from his house and helped his son. “The guy went and got the big dog off my son and that is how he was saved from the pit bull.

“He was badly bitten, his limbs and buttocks were wounded.

“He ended up in Hottentots Holland Hospital. He is only 10 years old and already experienced such a traumatic attack.

“He is lucky he survived this. As his father, I’m very unhappy with these kinds of dogs being let out or loose and not behind gates or chained.

“People think these dogs are friendly but not at all, lots of children and adults have been killed by pit bulls.

“People must really take these dogs as serious and dangerous.

“Luckily we managed to get this dog removed by the law enforcement unit and we lay a case against its owner for negligence.”

Police spokesperson, Malcolm Pojie, said the 33-year-old suspect was taken into custody.

“We can confirm that a 33-year-old suspect was arrested on May 24 and brought before court the same day on charges related to the Animal Matters Amendment Act following the attack on the victim by a pit bull dog on May 17 at 3pm at Koedoe Street, Macassar.

“The victim sustained multiple injuries and was hospitalised.

“The event was only reported to authorities on May 22.

“The accused reappeared in the local magistrates’ court on Tuesday, May 28, on the mentioned charge,” Pojie said.

De Wee said his child is severely traumatised.

“He is scared for his life. He is not doing well emotionally, though the wounds are healing he is left scarred mentally.

“I was thinking of finding counselling for him but I don’t even know where to start.”

He said they went to court thinking the dog’s owner would appear.

“We were there and I was shown that it was him sitting on the benches but his name wasn’t called out.”

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