Mr Thela goes Gold, scoops Metro FM Award and secures partnership with SKYY Vodka

Mr Thela playing at Gorgeous George, Cape Town

Mr Thela playing at Gorgeous George, Cape Town

Published May 22, 2024


By Oceans Marasha

Mr Thela has been on an impressive journey, hitting milestone after milestone and 2024 is shaping up to be his biggest year yet.

Going RiSA gold is a significant achievement, and signing with Universal Music Group opens up even more opportunities for his music to reach a broader audience.

Winning a Metro FM Music Award is a testament to his talent and hard work, and securing a sponsorship deal with SKYY Vodka added another exciting dimension to his career. It's clear that Mr Thela is making waves in the music industry, and it's exciting to see what he'll accomplish next!

His 2020 album "MAKE CAPE TOWN GREAT AGAIN’’ made quite an impact and being a chart-topper and a favourite at virtual house parties showed just how much Mr Thela's music resonated with audiences, especially during the lockdown when people were seeking out music to lift their spirits and keep them moving.

His nomination for 'Best Gqom Album' at the 2021 SAMAs became a testament to the album's quality and its influence on the Gqom genre. It's evident that his innovative approach to Gqom has struck a chord with fans and critics alike, solidifying his position as a trailblazer in the genre, including his first international gig in South Korea.

The collaboration with SKYY Vodka, recording a live session against the stunning backdrop of Kogelbaai, was a unique and memorable way to showcase his music.

Livestreams provide an intimate and accessible way for artists to connect with fans, regardless of geographical boundaries.

"SKYY Vodka has played an important supportive role in my growing career. As an independent artist, the brand has been able to help me bring to life some of my concepts and visions, such as Mr Thela x SKYY Vodka Live mixes on YouTube,” said Mr Thela.

The same year he took Gqom to London in another partnership with SKYY Vodka. The event, which was supported by Campari Group, proved without a doubt that Mr Thela's music has the power to transcend borders. "The Mr Thela x SKYY Vodka brand partnership is such a great fit. It’s a brand that resonates with my supporters and fans—plus, it’s always supported local initiatives and talent," Mr Thela added.

He recently had a third live recording session at Gorgeous George in Cape Town. His recent win at the Metro FM Music Awards and his signing to Universal Music Group has made it clear that he's at the top of his game.

On how he celebrates his successes, Mr Thela says, “I enjoy a Thunderstorm cocktail made with SKYY Infusions Blood Orange Vodka, SKYY Infusions Peach Vodka, cloudy apple juice, lime cordial, and ginger ale. It’s my favourite drink when I’m unwinding at home, in the studio, with friends when I host a braai, or when I’m celebrating.”

"SKYY Vodka complements my vision. As much as I’m a DJ and producer, the focus is on bringing entertainment to people's lives through lifestyle events and making sure that everyone has a nice time while enjoying a premium vodka," he says.

Mr Thela's continued success is truly remarkable and achieving RiSA gold status with "Kwandonga Ziyaduma" is a testament to the widespread appeal of his music and the loyalty of his fanbase.

Dropping his latest track, "Buya Nini," on May 3, 2024, showed that he's staying true to his creative vision and consistently delivering fresh and exciting music for his audience.

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