Rihanna and Fenty cause a ‘hairy’ controversy

Published Jun 14, 2024


Rihanna has caused quite the controversy after pictures of her surfaced on social media washing her hair, apparently to showcase the launch of Fenty Hair.

Fenty recently shared social media posts to announce the release of Fenty Hair. This will be an addition to an already big and diverse brand. The brand has Fenty Skin for skin care products, Fenty Beauty for makeup and Savagexfenty for lingerie.

The Barbados born star founded and is the face of Fenty. Since the first ever launch in September of 2018 the brand has quickly gained a lot of social media attention and has been growing.

Pictures of Rihanna on social media having her hair washed with a bottle of Fenty Hair in hand shocked people with the expansion of Fenty into the hair care products industry. The 'We found love’ hit maker’s side-by-side before and after pictures of her hair being washed did not go unquestioned. X users reacted to the post and noticed more than just the product.

While some were happy to see Fenty expanding, others were not shy to say she is wearing a wig. When more pictures of her wearing different hairstyles were shared on social media, speculation increased.

“Density and colour don’t lie” one user said in support of those saying she was wearing a wig.

While Fenty never confirmed if was a wig or her natural hair, different users kept sharing their opinions on the post. Some applauded Rihanna, saying Fenty knew what they were doing when they shared those pictures and that it was all a marketing strategy.

— Sir Parkwood (@Rocksteady00) June 9, 2024

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