Former Miss South Africas Shudu Musida and Ndavi Nokeri part of cast for upcoming epic drama series 'Queen Modjadji'

Former Miss South Africas Ndavi Nokeri and Shudu Musida. Picture: Supplied

Former Miss South Africas Ndavi Nokeri and Shudu Musida. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 17, 2024


Mzansi Magic announced in February the production of the Queen Modjadji story, and production on the much-anticipated drama series, 'Queen Modjadji,' is well under way.

The series has cast a mix of experienced, well-known talent and some fresh new faces, thereby opening the film and television industry to young and upcoming creatives.

The cast was selected based on their ability to master the Khelovedu language and to closely portray the historic figures that form a significant part of the story in the lead up to Queen Modjadji’s reign.

Having a talented cast that will deliver and depict the story’s characters respectfully is crucial to the quality of the production.

Ngelekanyo Ramulodi as Young Queen Modjadji

Ngele Ramulondi as Young Queen Modjadji. Picture: Supplied

Ramulondi made her first appearance on Mzansi Magic's ‘S'phiwo’, and viewers might recognise her from ‘Fatal Seduction’.

On the series she plays the young Modjadji, 14-year-old Maselegwani.

Masutang Rasekele as Dzugudini

Masutang Rasekele as Dzugudini in 'Queen Modjadji'. Picture: Supplied

Masutang is a fresh new face on the screen and will play Dzugudini, the daughter of the Rain King and the mother of Queen Modjadji.

Dzugudini is a crucial part in the Lovedu history as she is instrumental in saving the kingdom from a catastrophe of drought.

Shudu Musida as Muthanoni Mulalo

Shudu Musida as Muthanoni Mulalo in 'Queen Modjadji'. Picture: Supplied

Former Miss SA Shudu Musida will be making her screen acting debut on the series, portraying the role of Muthanoni Mulalo as one of the king’s wives from the VhaVenda Royal Family

Ndavi Nokeri as Muthanoni Khensani

Ndavi Nokeri as Muthanoni Khensani in 'Queen Modjadji'. Picture: Supplied

Noker is also a former Miss SA winner who was crowned in 2022 and represented SA in the Miss Universe Pageant during the same year.

She also plays the role of Muthanoni Khensani another one of the king’s wives from the VaTsonga Royal Family.

Helen Lebepe as Raisibe

Helen Lebepe as Raisibe in 'Queen Modjadji'. Picture: Supplied

Lebepe, who has several acting roles under her belt, including one on Mzansi Magic’s ‘Saints & Sinners’ will play the role of Raisibe.

In the story, Raisibe, assists Modjadji to get a view into the real world of her people and grows to become her confidant.

Thabo Bopape as Mambo Mugodo

Thabo Bopape as Mambo Mugodo in 'Queen Modjadji'. Picture: Supplied

Thabo is a Mzansi film director and producer who is also a familiar face on screen having appeared on numerous television series, feature films, commercials and stage shows.

He plays the Supreme Mambo/King of the Kharanga Kingdom, who is obsessed with becoming the greatest rainmaker and is racing against time to fix his mistakes and restore the balance as required by his ancestors and end a severe drought.

More characters will be revealed as production progresses, leading up to the show’s premiere in July 2024, but the big question remains…who will play the legendary Queen Modjadji?

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