Shamiso Mosaka dishes on 'Born into Fame' and the nepo baby claims

Media personality Shamiso Mosaka will be on Showmax Original reality show, ‘Born Into Fame’. Picture: Supplied

Media personality Shamiso Mosaka will be on Showmax Original reality show, ‘Born Into Fame’. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 5, 2024


Being famous certainly has its perks, but it also comes with its share of drama, as seen in the trailer for the Showmax Original reality show, ‘Born Into Fame’.

As a lover of reality television, saying yes to being on ‘Born into Fame’ wasn’t difficult for MTV presenter, YFM radio presenter Shamiso Mosaka.

“I am quite private but it came in a year where I told myself that this would be my yes year,” said the daughter of TV and radio broadcaster Azania Mosaka.

"This is an out-of-my-comfort zone year; this is the year that I wanted to challenge myself in what I do in the industry. So Born Into Fame aligned with that.”

As someone with a famous parent, Shamiso doesn't feel like her mom’s success overshadows her and doesn't consider herself as a nepo baby.

“I have the skills to back up where I am in life right now, so it is not solely based on who my mother is. I firmly believe that.”

“The spaces I have worked in have always been where my bosses and people can just see that this girl is dope.

“My talent has always come forward so no, I would not consider myself a nepo baby but I do know that people who aren't as impressed with my talent will feel like I am where I am because of my mom.”

“I did not plan on being in the industry. I always wanted to keep myself as far away as possible from her image because we look so alike. I wanted to do different things where my skill set and talent cannot be compared to hers because I just never wanted to be in her shadow.

“Now that I have found my way here, everything I have done in the industry has not had anything to do with my mom. I am not saying it hasn't affected people knowing me but in terms of me walking in a room and using my mom, that has not happened.”

Since wrapping up filming of Born Into Fame, Shamiso has been making headlines after being kicked out of a CemAir aircraft at King Shaka International Airport.

As the show is centred around being the children of famous parents, Shamiso does have scenes with her mom, to allow viewers to see how they are born into fame.

On the show, Shamiso is private but transparent. She says that opening up was not the hard part but how probably how people would perceive her. “There is very little that you can shame me about.”

“I am private but I am transparent. I am open about my struggles, I am open about my mental health, I am open about my sexuality, so I am not really shy about a lot of things.”

‘Born Into Fame’ debuts on Showmax on June 18, with new episodes on Tuesdays.

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