Tips on how to keep your pets warm and snuggly this winter

Published May 23, 2023


Winter is here, which means less outdoor activities with your furry friends. Time to keep them warm and comfy!

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A comfortable, warm bed will keep your beloved pet happy and calm through the cold winter days and nights. Whether your best fury friend is an ageing pooch or an active kitten, you can find every type of bed on Don’t forget to throw a snuggle blankie over them to keep the draughts out, and they will be in dreamland for most of the day.

And we haven’t forgotten those other little fury friends - we also have a wide selection of snuggle stuff for hamsters, rabbits and pet rodents.

Reptiles need to bask in light and warmth to keep them alive - and we have everything from Infrared basking lights to night glow moonlight lamps to ensure that they are healthy and happy in their habitat.

Many pet owners don’t realise that even though their fury children have hair or fur, they still feel the cold in winter. Head over to Loot and find the perfect sweater to keep them warm and comfortable through the winter months, or treat them to a special accessory for those public appearances when you want them looking stylish and trendy

It’s a well known fact that one of the best ways to train your pet involves tasty treats and toys. Keep them active and alert throughout the winter months by giving them a special toy that will keep them entertained and prevent boredom.

Loot also stocks a wide variety of all the essentials to keep your pets healthy. From dental chews, tick and flea treatments, cat litter and shampoo delivered straight to your door.

Whatever your pets winter needs, whether you want to keep your beloved pooch warm and snug or just need to buy your next stash of pet-related products, we’ve got you covered at the best price.