Upgrade your smart home

Published Sep 27, 2023


Having a smart home is an increasingly popular way to make life easier and more convenient, as today, it has become even more affordable to start a smart home than ever before.

While the cheapest smart homes can be started from as little as R200, by simply screwing in a light bulb, upgrading your smart home can offer a variety of benefits to make every day more convenient, such as voice control, remote access, energy efficiency, and cost savings.

However, it isn’t just about the convenience that smart homes offer, but also about having full control and peace of mind over your entire home, whenever you’re not around.

Despite gone are the days of convenience from connected living, simply being - turning the lights on and off, or screen sharing from your smartphone to a smart TV - today’s smart products allow control over a connected home in more ways, once never imagined.

While scores of manufacturers have plagued the market with a plethora of smart products, one manufacturer has managed to set itself apart from the competition with a unique set of connected home offerings, often not produced by its rivals, while also producing what were once thought to be everyday appliances - in smart devices that make daily living that much more efficient.

Imagine starting every day off more smartly - the Xiaomi Smart Blender, for instance, delivers powerful blending performance while being easy to clean and use. It is also a convenience to operate, being fully remote controlled via smartphone, while also integrating into other smart home products.

While each day can be filled with chores and errands, Xiaomi’s range of Smart Air Fryers take one off your hands with ease. Simply set the air fryer to operation and time, before you head out and have hot, fresh snacks ready for the kids after soccer practice.

Caring for the family, especially when flu season hits can add an inconvenience to daily tasks - the smarter and more preventive measure is to aim to reduce this, even in a small way.

Xiaomi’s latest Smart Air Purifier 4 helps to remove dust, pollen, and smoke from the air. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Smart Humidifier 2 adds moisture to the air to help you keep your skin hydrated - what’s more, like other smart devices, these products can be operated remotely and via smartphone.

If you’re struggling to keep cool, on high-pressure days while working from home or the office look no further than the Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2, which provides cooling air whenever you need it. When heading into chilly the Winter months, the Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater Lite makes for a smart and energy-efficient heating solution.

All of these Xiaomi smart home devices offer great convenience, letting you control and manage your home in the most efficient way possible. Not only do they allow you to fully control your smart home, even when you’re not there, but also have the ability to take minor tasks off your hands to make every day smart, convenient, and that much more efficient.