WATCH: ‘What are the vibes like in that queue?’ - TikToker wants to know what to expect at voting stations on Election Day

TikToker wants to know what happens at voting stations. Picture:Bongani Mbatha / Independent Newspaper

TikToker wants to know what happens at voting stations. Picture:Bongani Mbatha / Independent Newspaper

Published May 28, 2024


Wednesday is Election Day and people will be heading out to voting stations to make their mark.

Many might find themselves waiting in long queues and this TikToker wants to know what he can expect at voting stations.

TikTok user Chawezi Banda, a first-time voter, took to the video app to share what others think will be happening there tomorrow.

He does however, think that people cannot be serious because of all the questions that have been asked.

First of all, he wants to know what people will be wearing on the day.

“I don’t have a Springbok t-shirt,” he says because he heard that people will be wearing theirs.

“I don’t have a Bafana Bafana t-shirt either. So what’s the outfit inspiration,” he asks.

Another thing he is curious about is what time one should be heading out to the voting stations.

“We are trying to be in and out. It’s exam season at the end of the day,” he points out.

But then, at the same time, people are saying that they don’t want to leave too early just in case they meet “the love of their life” in the election queue.

He then wants to know if people are allowed to carry cooler boxes so that people can just chill while waiting.

If you’re a regular on the app you’ll probably know him as the guy who is always colouring in pictures while doing his videos.

“Is 4am too early to start waiting in line? We’ve never voted before, and we really sound like it. What are the vibes like in that queue? Are people friendly and happy or is everyone just serious about being in and out,” he asks in the caption.

His video has been viewed over 150k times and has received hundreds of comments.

Here are some of the responses to his questions.

“JUST WEAR SOMETHING COMFORTABLE! Bring some water and a snack. Don’t be shy to start conversations with people around you, you could make new friends. Bring a camping chair, you might need it,” suggested one TikToker.

Another responded: “4 am sounds good, after we go for brunch to celebrate.”

“Let’s go around 6pm when most people are done. Then we go to second location,” suggested another.

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