WATCH: TikToker shows off his dad bod in hilarious clip and people are loving it

TikTok user happy to show off his body. Picture: TikTok

TikTok user happy to show off his body. Picture: TikTok

Published Jun 26, 2023


While most women drool over guys with six-packs and tight buns, there are others who are happy to cuddle up to a dad bod.

A dad bod is just your average Joe with a bit of belly and perfectly normal glutes.

We see them every day but not too many guys are confident enough to show themselves off. In the same way that women have body issues, so do guys.

This TikTok user, however, is not. He’s out there showing off his body and people are loving it.

A few days ago @dzairefr3wj took to the popular video app to share a clip of himself in the bathroom combing his hair and applying deodorant.

While it’s nothing unusual to see a man combing his hair and applying spray, it’s the manner in which he’s doing it that’s so amusing.

Dancing to Sade’s “Kiss of Life,” he sways his hips and gives viewers a naughty little smile as he gives them a good view of his rather flat bottom!

At some point in the video, he even sprays his bottom.

With over 2 million views and almost 100K likes, the comical video has already gone viral.


♬ Kiss of Life - Sade

We all know how people love to body shame but you’d be pleasantly surprised to see just how many people are loving his video.

“Oh now this is FABULOUS!!!! SIR!!!!!,” commented one viewer while another said, “Looking good!”

There were those who were entertained by the video and saw the humour in it.

“Cute, funny at the same time” said one person.

Another commented on his features, saying: “Mix between Mr Bean and Gru! And im here for it.”