How one Durban businessman is fighting through a pandemic to keep residents connected

Published Aug 3, 2020


Durban - The Covid-19 pandemic and implementation of the national lockdown has left many businesses struggling to make ends meet. But for Durban businessman Lyle Egling it’s pushed him to realise his dream and make it a success.

What is TeleFI Networks?

Tele FI Networks is a turnkey civil construction and fibre-optic laying company whom offer turnkey fibre optic solutions and services within the telecommunications industry.

When did you start it and how many of you are involved in the business?

I started the business in 2017 and of recent, I have three well-seasoned partners whom walk alongside me.

Why did you start it?

I developed a passion for the business in 2016 when I was appointed regional Project SHEQ manager for another multinational telecommunications, information technology, and consumer electronics company. Stemming from an engineering background I saw an opportunity and niche in the market with regards to the phasing out of ADSL and fibre being the next best thing in terms of an reliable internet connection also because the telecommunications industry is one that has room for exponential growth and an industry that is the way of the future for an entrepreneur like myself so it only made sense to align myself accordingly in order to keep up with times and not get left behind.

How would a person apply to use/have your network system installed at their home or place of business?

We have recently created an online portal where one can express their interest for an uncapped fibre service. The areas in which we have targeted our roll out specifically over the next eight months, will be as follows : Brighton Beach, Treasure Beach, Wentworth, Merebank, Grosvernor and Jacobs. Should the residents of these areas have a particular interest for our service then they can log onto our site and a sales person will from one of our trusted Internet service providers will get in touch with them to discuss and offer a range of fibre packages suitable to their needs.

What are some of the challenges that your business has faced thus far? As a business we experienced many challenges during this Covid-19 pandemic. One being numerous projects were put on hold which had a major financial impact on the business in terms of operational costs being absorbed with no or very little physical work. Also, most of our clients closed their doors which in turn added more financial constraints on the business until the Telecommunications industry was deemed an essential service by Government then only did business begin to normalize and commence as per normal.

How are you hoping to expand your business?

Due to the increased demand for a reliable internet connection during the pandemic we have taken the initiative to build and operate our own fibre network in the Brighton Beach and Treasure Beach region, with plans of expanding to Wentworth, Merebank, Grosvernor Jacobs and Fynnland covering the entire bluff area. During the build phase Our programme will not only benefit the surrounding areas in terms of job creation and skills transfer, It will also open up opportunities for people working from home and running businesses from home during this pandemic. A good internet connection has become as valuable as water and lights in your home and is even known to increase the value of your property which in turn makes it more appealing, making use of our network will be advantageous to anyone if thinking towards to the future is alignment with their future endeavours.

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