Ageing Mazda CX-5 set for hybrid tech model upgrade

The current Mazda CX-5 has been around since 2017. Picture: Supplied / Mazda.

The current Mazda CX-5 has been around since 2017. Picture: Supplied / Mazda.

Published May 14, 2024


You would be forgiven for thinking that Mazda had simply forgotten to create a new-generation CX-5. The current, and second-generation Mazda CX-5 is showing its age, having launched in world markets way back in 2017.

Its territory has also been seemingly threatened by other new Mazda SUVs that are not radically different in size and concept, from the smaller CX-30 to the US-market CX-50 and even the more upmarket CX-60.

Yet despite its age and newfound internal competition, the CX-5 remains the brand's best-seller worldwide, even in larger markets such as the US where it has to compete with the CX-50.

The same is true in South Africa’s albeit significantly smaller market, with the CX-5 finding 107 homes in April 2024, more than double the CX-3’s volume.

Contrary to earlier rumours that Mazda might do away with the CX-5 eventually, the Japanese carmaker has now confirmed that it will indeed launch a new-generation model.

Mazda revealed in a financial results statement for the first quarter of 2024 that the next CX-5 would be equipped with a Mazda-developed hybrid powertrain. That is contrary to the CX-50, which uses Toyota technology.

Not much else is currently known about the next CX-5, although WhichCar, citing insider info, expects the new model to make its debut in 2025, offering similar “size, packaging and value” to the current version. Because why would you mess with a winning recipe?

The Australian publication did however speculate that the newcomer could have a different name, such as CX-40, in order to place it into the latest line-up more neatly.

While models such as the next CX-5 will use hybrid technology, the Japanese brand is also planning a range of fully-electric models based on a new dedicated platform. These will be introduced from 2027 onwards, the company confirmed in its Q1 results presentation.

But rather than going all-in on electrics, Mazda has promised to take a “realistic approach of BEV introduction based on actual demand and needs of each market”.

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