Mzansi’s ‘hottest’ cop got into trouble with the SAPS because of this picture

This is the selfie that got Cox in hot water. Picture: Facebook

This is the selfie that got Cox in hot water. Picture: Facebook

Published May 7, 2024


Officer Devan Cox, dubbed the “hottest” cop in Mzansi after photos of him went viral on social media may be in trouble with the law.

Cox is reportedly experiencing some difficulties in his career in the South African Police Service (SAPS).

According to City Press, Cox, who is based in the Eastern Cape, was accused of breaking the policy that prohibits police officers from posting images of themselves in uniform, carrying police firearms or logos on social media channels.

The officer is a member of the SAPS Flying Squad and was called to a disciplinary tribunal for violating national SAPS orders by portraying law enforcement on social media sites.

Colonel Priscilla Naidu reportedly said that the hearing had completed but did not reveal the outcome.

“No member may display a profile photo of themselves in uniform, any police weapons, logos or an avatar on their private social media,” Naidu was quoted as saying.

Cox’s fans did not take kindly to the news that their favourite cop might be in trouble.

One X (Twitter) user said: “We have police officers in South Africa guilty of taking bribes, assaulting people, arresting people without cause, violating peoples rights, and committing crimes themselves.

“Yet here we have @SAPoliceService calling Cox in for a disciplinary hearing, just because he’s drop dead gorgeous. Are the priorities of SAPS skewed or what?”

Another responded by saying that the officer is neither an adult film star nor a model. “He’s an officer of the law. He can do that without police uniform.”

One said he smelled jealousy from the SAPS.

“Hay suka bo! Police are all over Tiktok dropping think pieces and some are drunk, in their uniforms. leave this hawt (hot) man alone, we have more pressing issues as the country.”

From the look of his social media, Cox loves all things adventure, travelling, hiking, and camping. In April he spoke to Algoa FM about being suddenly thrust into the spotlight.

He said his picture that went viral came as a surprise to him.

He told the hosts of the breakfast show that he was a real person and in fact not ‘a bot’ or an artificially-generated model like the dozens that have cropped up on social media as famous virtual influencers.

Cox added that he loves being active and enjoys having a healthy lifestyle.

The “hot cop” revealed that he is also a father. “I am not married, but I am a father of two boys. So, a single dad,” he told the radio station.

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