Varsity Vibe survey shows Gen Z eager to vote

Varsity Vibe surveyed 11000 Gen Z individuals, which relayed that 92.58% of them will vote on election day, May 29. Picture: EPA/KEVIN SUTHERLAND.

Varsity Vibe surveyed 11000 Gen Z individuals, which relayed that 92.58% of them will vote on election day, May 29. Picture: EPA/KEVIN SUTHERLAND.

Published May 26, 2024


With less than a week heading to the general elections, Varsity Vibe conducted a Gen Z survey giving a glimpse of youth perspective on voting.

Varsity Vibe is a tech-based online platform that offers South African students discounts on products and services relevant to them.

According to the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) 1.2 million new voters have been added to the voters’ roll since last November, 77% of them young people below the age of 29. Statistics South Africa reported that out of 28 million people registered voters, less than a million young people between 18 and 19 are on the voters’ roll, and 4.4 million young people between 20 and 29 accounted for the total registrations.

According to Varsity Vibe, such numbers depict Gen Z’s stance in leading the change of an unstable government.

The tech company conducted a survey of 11000 Gen Z individuals, asking whether young people felt empowered by voting and that their vote would bring forth meaningful change.

The election survey garnered optimistic statistics from young people in terms of putting their ‘X’ on the ballot.

The survey revealed that over 92% of Gen Z believed their vote could influence the country’s political landscape. A whopping 92.58% said they would vote on May 29, whilst 72% believed there would be a positive youth turnout on election day.

“This high level of confidence in the power of their vote suggests a strong belief and a desire to make a difference in shaping the future. Also, this optimism regarding youth participation suggests a strong sense of civic duty and engagement with the political process among Gen Z individuals,” said Varsity Vibe.

Furthermore, the survey showed Gen Z’s voting behaviour was influenced by various political factors, stating that over 60% expressed their distrust and trust of political parties and their leaders.

62.29% highlighted their concern on delivery from politicians during the 2019 elections, and an overwhelming 77.87% said their knowledge of various political party policies affected their voting behaviour. Also, 59% noted they were politically “woke” and aware, hence, there was a noticeable increase and engagement on political issues.

“South African Gen Z individuals appear to feel empowered by their ability to vote and believe that their vote can bring about meaningful change. Their high level of engagement and optimism regarding voter turnout in the upcoming elections, coupled with their increasing political awareness, suggest that Gen Z is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future political landscape of our nation,” said Varsity Vibe.

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