UEFA Euro'24 Betting Guide: Your Kick off to Big Wins in Mzansi!

This ultimate betting guide will be your guide to navigate the beautiful game and hopefully win big.

This ultimate betting guide will be your guide to navigate the beautiful game and hopefully win big.

Published Jun 20, 2024


Gear up, South African football fans! The UEFA Euro 2024 is here; the best that Europe has to offer will be on show. With familiar faces from the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 battling it out to have their home country crowned Kings of Euros. This ultimate betting guide will be your guide to navigate the beautiful game and hopefully win big.

Finding the Best Betting Site for Euros 2024:

The first step to getting ready to bet on the Euros is to find the best site for you to bet on. Betting online will allow you access to better odds, wider markets and the safety of knowing that all the brands listed below hold South African licenses that ensure your safety:

  • Betway: At the time of writing this, Betway has slightly higher odds offerings for a variety of bets. This means that the same bet at Betway vs somewhere else would yield higher winnings.
  • Hollywoodbets: Hollywoodbets has one of the widest ranges of betting options. An interesting bet for example would be the 3/1 odds on Albania being the lowest scoring team this year at 3/1 odds.
  • Easybet: If you’re new to betting. Easybet offers a great introduction. They are giving away R50 for free when signing up which can be used to bet.

Who are the favourites to lift the trophy?

England, France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal are currently the favourites. These teams boast powerhouse squads stacked with world-class talent and impressive track records in major tournaments. But football is a beautiful game for a reason – it's full of surprises! Don't count out underdogs like Ukraine (at a whopping 100/1 odds!). With talented players like Artem Dovbyk, who excels in La Liga, and Mykhailo Mudryk, a rising star, they have the potential to cause major upsets.

Other Betting Markets:

The beauty of Euro 2024 betting lies in its variety. You're not limited to simply picking the winner of the tournament. Here's a breakdown of some popular betting options:

  • Match Outcomes: Predict the winner, loser, or draw for individual matches. This is a straightforward bet, perfect for beginners or those who want to focus on specific games.
  • Accumulators (Acca): Combine multiple bets, typically across different matches, for potentially massive returns. The more bets you include in your accumulator, the higher the potential payout, but also the higher the risk. Let's say you think France will win their next match, Cristiano Ronaldo will score the first goal in Portugal's upcoming clash, and there will be over 2.5 goals scored in a particular match. You can combine these three bets into an accumulator. If all your predictions are correct, you'll win a much bigger payout than if you placed each bet individually. However, if you get even one prediction wrong, your entire accumulator loses.
  • Goal Markets: Wager on the total number of goals scored in a match (over/under goals), which team scores first, or even a specific player finding the net. Goal difference can significantly affect the outcome of matches, so analysing past performances and team strategies can be beneficial here.
  • Prop Bets: Feeling adventurous? Prop bets allow you to guess things that happen outside the regular flow of the game, like the number of yellow cards issued, corner kicks awarded, or even the time of the first goal. These bets can add an extra layer of excitement to your Euro 2024 experience, but they tend to be higher risk as they involve less predictable events.

Goals Galore and Hot Promotions:

South Africans love a good goal, and with odds of 9/1 for a goal being scored during the tournament, it's no surprise. Look out for promotions offered by various betting platforms to boost the excitement. For example, Betfair might offer a free bet for every goal scored by your favourite team throughout the tournament. Teams like Portugal, with their impressive 36 goals in qualifiers, are perfect picks for bets that focus on goal scorers or high-scoring matches.

Who Will Shine Brightest? Top Scorer and Assist King:

Euro 2024 is a platform for individual brilliance too. These are the players who light up the pitch with their dazzling skills and tactical prowess. Here are some players to watch when considering bets on top scorer and top assist provider:

  • Top Goal scorer:
    • Harry Kane (England): The England captain is a proven goalscoring machine, having won the Premier League Golden Boot award a record three times. His finishing ability and clinical accuracy make him a top contender for the Euro 2024 Golden Boot.
    • Kylian Mbappé (France): This young French prodigy is already a World Cup winner and known for his electrifying pace, dribbling skills, and eye for goal. He's a strong contender to challenge Kane for the top scorer title.
    • Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal): Due to his age and not playing in the bigger leagues anymore. Ronaldo has gone slightly under the radar. It is likely to be the Portuguese superstar’s last tournament, meaning he is going to give it his all. Even with all this, Ronaldo was actually still the 2nd top scorer in the qualifiers for the Euros – so if Portugal manage to get to the final, you can be certain his name will be close to the top of the goal scoring lists and at 12/1 he could prove a very profitable bet.

Top Assist Provider:

  • Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium): The Belgian maestro is a creative genius known for his pinpoint passing, vision, and ability to unlock defences. Look for him to set up goals for his teammates throughout the tournament.
  • Bruno Fernandes (Portugal): A creative force in midfield, Fernandes boasts a wand of a left foot and exceptional playmaking abilities. His knack for finding teammates in dangerous positions makes him a strong contender for the top assist provider title.

Remember, Responsible Betting is Crucial

Enjoy betting on the Euros responsibly with these tips:

- Set a budget before the tournament begins and stick to it, avoiding the temptation to chase losses.

- Only gamble with money you can afford to lose, as betting should not be seen to earn an income.

- Compare odds across different platforms to ensure the best returns on your bets.

- Keep your emotions in check to avoid impulsive betting during the excitement of the tournament.

- Remember to take breaks and enjoy watching the games too!

Conclusion: Own Your Euro 2024 Betting Experience

Hopefully, you're well-prepared to handle the thrilling world of Euro 2024 betting with this thorough guide. Always remember that research is essential to making wise judgments. Examine player fitness, team form, earlier matchups, and professional opinions. Most importantly, gamble sensibly and carefully consider your betting alternatives and platform of choice. Now go out there and enjoy the best of the beautiful game while you wager, analyse the games, and support your favourite teams! I hope your betting on Euro 2024 is as exciting and lucrative as the competition itself!

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