Cape Town theatregoers are spoilt for choice with comedy shows, drama and a musical

Alan Committee on stage for ‘Fast and (Reasonably) Furious’. Picture: Supplied

Alan Committee on stage for ‘Fast and (Reasonably) Furious’. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 16, 2024


The stage is alive and buzzing with new energy and exciting productions. And theatregoers are spoilt for choice with the current and upcoming offerings.

“Fast and (Reasonably) Furious”

Alan Committee tickles the funnybone with his new stand-up show, “Fast and (Reasonably) Furious”.

Celebrated for his observational comedy, his show is a combination of wit and physicality. Of course, his material comprises relatable scenarios with his rants and ruminations around coronations, World Cup Fever and artificial intelligence.

His arsenal of jokes are guaranteed to leave audiences rolling in the aisle.

According to the press release, for those who choose to remain In the auditorium during the 20-minute interval, “Your twenty minutes will be transferred to your eBucks account and can be used to purchase hopes and dreams at your nearest SPAR.”

This show is perfect for the whole family.

Where: Theatre On The Bay.

When: Currently on until February 3.

Cost: Tickets cost R180 - R280 and can be purchased through Webtickets.

“ Die Fel Omstrede Kroon van Edward II en Gaveston”

Edwin van der Walt and Beer Adriaanse in 'Die Fel Omstrede Kroon van Edward II en Gaveston'. Picture: Supplied

If drama is more your vibe, be sure to check out “Tom Lanoye’s Die Fel Omstrede Kroon van Edward II en Gaveston”.

The production by Tom Lanoye, Belgium's most famous novelist and playwright, opened on Tuesday.

Performed in Afrikaans with English subtitles, it boasts a stellar cast with Marthinus Basson at the director and design helm.

It is loosely based on Christopher Marlowe's Edward II of 1594. Marlowe, a contemporary and rival of Shakespeare, himself happily reworked the tragic history of King Edward II of England who was deposed in 1327 after a messy reign and was then, possibly, murdered by the nobles.

The cast comprises Edwin van der Walt as Edward II, Beer Adriaanse as Gaveston, Rolanda Marais as Queen Isabella, Caleb Payne as the crown prince, André Roothman as the old king and old Mortimer and Wilhelm van der Walt as young Mortimer.

The story centres on a dying King Edward I, who would like to pass on the baton to his grandchild instead of his son, whom he resents because of a relationship with his childhood friend, Gaveston. At this point, Gaveston is in exile.

But Edward II is crowned, Gaveston is unbanned and their love not only thrives, but Gaveston is elevated to the status of king himself.

Themes of love, family, betrayal, politics, friendship and power converge in this production.

Please note, the is an age restriction of 16 for nudity and language.

Where: Flipside - Baxter Theatre Centre.

When: Currently on until January 27 at 7.30pm, with a 2.30pm matinee on January 19.

Cost: R150 - R250 from Webtickets.

“A Cappella Musical Festival 2024”

Later this month, the Acapella Musical Festival, which is a community-based initiative, will be kicking off.

The genesis of this event was to establish partnerships with the youth and surrounding communities with music and entertainment as the drawcard.

This is meant to offset the loss of competitive art forms as well as launch talented new faces.

The festival was created after seeing the consistency and drive of A capella groups who are singing tirelessly for commuters who are travelling by taxis in different ranks around Cape Town.

As such, the Rainbow Arts Organisation put together this annual platform, where 12 musical groups flex their vocal chords in a mindblowing harmonious way.

Where: Artscape Theatre.

When: January 27 at 1pm.

Cost: R80 - R100 from Webtickets.


Nik Rabinowitz. Picture: Supplied

Nik Rabinowitz gets the last laugh this month. He is back on stage with “Rambunctious”. Much like Committee, he intertwines real-life events into his act.

“Having survived a pandemic, an ISIS terror threat and ‘thruples therapy’ with his mother, Rabinowitz brings his unadulterated thoughts and feelings on none of the above (except maybe the ISIS thing, because that was kak scary).

“Expect the unexpected, unless you’re expecting a stand-up comedy show from one of the country’s finest, in which case, expect that,” the statement read.

His observational comedy is a riot and promises fans a rib-tickling experience.

Where: Concert Hall - Baxter Theatre Centre.

When: Jan 30 - February 3, at 8pm.

Cost: Ticket prices vary between R153 and R230 and can be purchased through Webtickets.

“Legally Blonde The Musical”

Raise your hand if you watched the “Legally Blonde” movies and loved Reese Witherspoon. Well, now you can relive the joy it brought you with the musical.

The audience is taken on a fabulous journey as they follow the transformation of Elle Woods from a fashion-conscious sorority girl to a Harvard Law School lawyer as she chases the love of her life.

This lovable character proves that empowerment and self-confidence start by embracing oneself.

And she does so in spectacular fashion to hit songs “Omigod You Guys”, “Bend and Snap” and “So Much Better”.

This high-energy musical was nominated for seven Tony Awards, ten Drama Desk Awards and five Laurence Olivier Awards.

It is directed by Kyla Boxall with Heather Hach as the composter. Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin share the hat of librettist.

No under-10s are allowed.

Where: Artscape Theatre.

When: February 3 - 18 at 7.30pm, Sunday shows at 5pm..

Cost: Ticket prices vary from R250 and R295 and can be purchased through Webtickets.