The Durban Chamber Choir’s new concert is set to be a musical extravaganza

Members of the Durban Chamber Choir. Picture: Supplied.

Members of the Durban Chamber Choir. Picture: Supplied.

Published Jun 21, 2024


After several months of rehearsal, the Durban Chamber Choir is ready to present their new programme to fans.

Under the guidance of conductor, Andrew-John Bethke, the choir will perform an eclectic programme of choral music, interspersed with three organ pieces, at St Thomas Church on Sunday, June 23.

The Durban Chamber Choir. Picture: Supplied.

Their title hit, “Let Music Be the Food of Love”, will open the concert, followed by an arrangement of the Beatles’ iconic song, “Money Can’t Buy Me Love.”

The texts will then turn to religious devotion, with “A prayer to Mary” and a metaphorical medieval text, “Jesus Christ the Apple Tree.”

The choir will then kick it up a notch with an ingenious quodlibet of Afrikaans local songs, which includes “Daar Kom Die Alibama” and “Nooi, Nooi, die Rietkooi Nooi”.

Meanwhile, a stirring seSotho song about a father’s concern about his wife and children will evoke sonic pictures of the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho as the choir belt it out.

They will also pay tribute to the legendary African music specialist, Andrew Tracey, who died earlier this year, with his arrangement of a Xhosa lullaby.

The concert will conclude with a double choir work by Stanford, Coelos Ascendit, which commemorates the centenary of the composer’s death.

The choir, which is now made up of voluntary members of all ages and from all walks of life, has been in existence for over 20 years.

Their repertoire is wide-ranging, from early plainchant to the contemporary choral repertoire, renaissance to modern as well as sacred to secular.

The group will also be accompanied by organ, piano and small orchestral ensembles.

Tickets start from R70 and will be available at the door.

The KZN Museum Planetarium Experience

Explore the depths of our solar system as the KwaZulu-Natal Museum brings patrons an immersive space exploration dome and virtual reality experience.

Whether you’re a space enthusiast or someone who loves the night sky, there’s plenty of fun to be had for everyone these school holidays.

Where: The KZN Museum in Pietermaritzburg.

When: Runs until Saturday, June 22.

Cost: Tickets cost R50 and can be purchased from Webtickets.

“The Archduke”

A recital performance by Andrew Warburton (piano), Ayanda Makulwane (cello) and Evgeny Zhadanov (violin) will be staged at the Howard College Theatre.

The programme will feature German composers and pianists, Johannes Brahms piano trio and Ludwig van Beethoven’s piano trio, “Archduke”.

Where: The Howard College Theatre at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

When: Saturday, June 22, at 7pm.

Cost: From R70 to R130 and can be purchased from Quicket.

“Isibuko Tour 2024”

Multi-award-winning musician, Sjava. Picture: Supplied

Following the success of the 18-track studio album, “Isibuko”, released last January, award-winning musician Sjava, has added three more tracks to make a deluxe album.

He is now embarking on a two-city tour to bring these songs and other fan favourites, to fans.

This includes in Durban this weekend, before Sjava heads to Johannesburg for two shows.

“Performing ‘Isibuko’ is so special and the theatre setting is very intimate,” he explained.

“I’m looking forward to sharing this special space again and introducing the new songs to all the people who have fallen in love with ‘Isibuko’.

Where: The Playhouse Opera Theatre.

When: Saturday, June 22, at 7.30pm.

Cost: Tickets cost R600 and can be purchased from Webtickets.

“Matilda - The Musical”

Adriana Sevell who plays the title role of Matilda in the Northcliff High production. Picture: Supplied.

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Roald Dahl’s “Matilda - The Musical”, a delightful spectacle filled with laughter, thrills and heart-warming moments.

The stage show centres around the extraordinary young girl, Matilda as she uses her special powers to overcome neglectful parents and a tyrannical headmistress.

Witness her courageous battle against Miss Trunchbull in a story of triumph and justice.

Produced and directed by Nick Jourdan, from Northcliff High Musical Productions, this enchanting musical promises an unforgettable experience.

Where: The Playhouse Drama Theatre.

When: Runs until Sunday, June 23.

Cost: Tickets are R100 and R80 for seniors. Booking through Webtickets. No under-4s will be permitted.

“Bafaziland The Musical”

The cast of the heart-warming show, “Welcome to Bafaziland – The Musical”. Picture: Supplied

If you are looking for a fun, engaging and unforgettable theatre experience, then make sure to catch “Bafaziland The Musical.”

The production is a lively performance with drumming, singing and dancing, with a strong message about how men and women should be treated equally.

Created and directed by Makhubalo “The Storyteller” Ikaneng, the play follows Thandi and her fellow females as they navigate the harsh realities of life in the squatter camp.

“Audiences will love the catchy songs, lovable characters and positive messages. Everyone, young and old, will enjoy watching the talented performers sing, act, and dance,” said Ikaneng.

He added that the musical captures the essence of resilience, the importance of community and the transformative potential of hope.

Where: The Mushroom Farm in Hillcrest.

When: Saturday, June 22, at 2pm.

Cost: R100 and can be purchased from Webtickets.