Clint Brink sings the praises of fatherhood on outdoor walk with baby Arielle and his dogs

Clint Brink. Picture: File

Clint Brink. Picture: File

Published Sep 21, 2023


Actor and singer Clint Brink shared a cute snap of himself and baby Arielle while out on a walk with their dogs.

The first-time dad posted the picture on X (formerly Twitter) and captioned it: “ Walking the dogs is now a family affair 🐶 🚶 ☀ 😍I’m totally loving the Dad-Husband life 🙌🏽 What a privilege.”

Brink told Independent Media Lifestyle that he was proud to be donning a cycling shorts item he wore in 2014.

“I wore that at my first body building show in 2012, when I was a size 28 waistline.”

Tweeps were loving the picture of the dad and his five-month-old baby girl.

@freedomtoday99 wrote: “A fabulous hunk of a dad and husband. Looking good bro but the little one steals the show.”

@quant_in_sa wrote: “Drop your squat routine!! We're going into December STRONG – thighs out all the way!”

@ginsu_pd wrote: “What a cute chubby baby 🧸❤️”

@phathus wrote: “ Thighs😍... The baby is so cute”

@Nthabi8827 wrote: “She is so cute.... I almost allowed myself to become broody but then I had remind myself that tbey don't always stay this cute so basically, andizi.”

@Malandela_RSA wrote: “Images like this give me a bit of hope.Thanks for sharing Clint.”

In June this year, Brink was bashed on Twitter for boasting his fatherly duties in a post.

The 42-year-old actor was dragged by men on Twitter for sharing his routine with his baby girl. He posted a picture of himself with Arielle, under a blanket, sleeping on his chest as he holds her.

He captioned the post: “Day starts at 3:30. I wake up, make my wife coffee , prep & pack her food for her day at work. She feeds Arielle round 4am & pumps milk before leaving the house by 4:30 to get to work 5:15. Baby wakes up at round 6am again.I fed & changed her, now for a nap before work. #DadLife.”

Some men were not impressed and called him weak.

But Brink clapped back and replied: “It’s cause men think nurturing is a woman's responsibility and unmanly when the truth is men can also nurture in their own way. Through leading by example & love.

“If you don't know how to meet a woman emotionally & mentally, your physical efforts mean little.”