The fourth Chefs on Tour at Time Out Market was a gastronomic delight

Food Market, event, V&A Waterfront, Food, Time Out Magazine

Food Market, event, V&A Waterfront, Food, Time Out Magazine

Published May 10, 2024


Time Out Market Cape Town, the city's premier food and culture hub, hosted an exciting culinary event on May 9 that brought a unique dining experience to the table.

This event marked the fourth edition of the Chefs on Tour, a series that pairs chefs from different Time Out Markets around the world for a one-night gourmet spectacle.

Chefs on Tour is all about showcasing the exceptional talent and creativity that thrives within Time Out Markets globally. The series aims to craft an unparalleled fine dining journey, led by two remarkable chefs from different locations.

This concept not only promises an evening filled with fun and excitement but also a taste of exquisite dishes that attendees won't soon forget.

This particular edition saw chef Paul Toussaint of Time Out Market Montreal team up with Cape Town's own culinary star, John van Zyl, of The Melting Pot, to curate a luxurious nine-course menu.

Chef Paul Toussaint of Time Out Market Montreal

This collaboration bridged the distances between Canada and South Africa, merging the distinctive flavours and culinary traditions of two diverse cultures.

Since its doors swung open in November 2019, Time Out Market Montreal has become a beacon for food lovers, and Toussaint has been at its heart from the start.

Known across Montreal for his vibrant Caribbean dishes, Toussaint has been making waves with his flavoursome cooking since returning from Haiti back in 2017.

This visit marks his first journey to South Africa.

“It's my first time coming to South Africa, Cape Town – it's a vibe, its energy; it's all,” Toussaint said.

His philosophy is simple but profound: cooking must be done with love and passion. He believes that the energy and emotion put into cooking are directly translated into the dishes he creates.

This heartfelt approach is what sets his work apart and has garnered him accolades and admiration.

Over the past few weeks, Van Zyl and Touissant worked together to create an extra special nine-course menu, fusing their extraordinary talents, creativity and signature dishes, seamlessly linking Cape Town, Montreal and the Caribbean for these incredible Chefs on Tour collaboration.

Cape Town's own culinary star, Chef John van Zyl of The Melting Pot.

“We are so excited to have Chef Paul join us all the way from Time Out Market Montreal to collaborate with Chef John!” said  Russ Meyer, General Manager of Time Out Market Cape Town.

Diners were served an exceptional nine-course menu on the night, including:

Time Out Market Cape Town. Chefs on Tour menu

Toussaint's dishes are like a love letter to Haiti, each bite rich with the comforting flavours of his homeland. For those lucky enough to dine under his roof, a meal is more than just food, it's a soul-stirring experience.

His knack for combining flavours ensures that guests are already pondering their next visit before they've even finished their current serving.

A standout moment for me was the unforgettable combination of corn, peppers, green onion, herb oil and root chips. The dish leaves a lingering taste that's hard to forget, featuring raw fish that's been delicately marinated in lime juice.

Corn, Peppers, Green Onion, Herb Oil, Root Chips, Coconut Leche de Tigre.

Despite the small servings, each mouthful was rich in both flavour and nutrients, providing a deeply satisfying culinary experience. To sum it up; it's all about the balance - a symphony of spicy, sour, and an array of textures from soft to crisp."

There are currently seven Time Out Markets globally with more in the pipeline including Time Out Market Porto set to open in May 2024, and the just-announced Time Out Market Budapest, which is set to open in 2025.

Time Out Market brings the best of the city together under one roof offering a curated mix of the best chefs, restaurateurs, drinks and cultural experiences.