WATCH: Social media users react to actress Jenifer Lewis’s near-death experience in the Serengeti

American veteran actress Jenifer Lewis. Picture: Instagram

American veteran actress Jenifer Lewis. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 8, 2024


US veteran actress Jenifer Lewis has opened up about her near-death experience while on a trip of a lifetime touring Africa.

The actress said the harrowing incident occurred in November 2022 while celebrating the finale of “Black-ish” and travelling the world.

The veteran actress toured some of Africa’s gems, including Cape Town, South Africa, gorilla viewing in the mountains of Rwanda and a safari experience in Tanzania’s Serengeti.

Speaking in a one-on-one interview with Robin Roberts from “Good Morning America”, Lewis revealed that she took a plunge from 10ft (3m) off a balcony at a safari hotel in the Serengeti.

“Well the sun set and when the sun sets in the Serengeti there are no street lights. It is pitch black. I was escorted to the lodge, my room, but I wasn’t given a tour. I should’ve been given a tour,” said Lewis.

Lewis said as she laid out her clothes she saw an infinity pool on her deck and walked towards it to take in her surroundings. The actress suddenly fell into a dry riverine below full of boulders and sharp rocks.

“There was a space that was not sectioned off and there was no sign that said caution. Of course, I was in shock. My right hip took the impact. My shoulder went up against a stone,” said Lewis.

The teary-eyed actress said that following her plunge, she gathered the strength and called out to her friend for assistance.

“When Lory shone her flash light down there, she didn’t know there was a Cape Buffalo 10ft away and when Lori ran to get help, I heard a lion roar. My last thought because I am Jenifer Lewis was what a head line...The king at the queen,” she said.

The video of Lewis’ interview was also shared to TikTok, with social media users commenting on her experience.

@thekempire How did we not know about Jenifer Lewis’ near death experience from 2022?! #jeniferlewis #kempire #kempireafterdark #kempiredaily ♬ Sneaky Sneaky - Gold-Tiger

TikTok content creator, @thekempire, said: “I’m glad she’s ok and here to tell the story!”

Another user, @feefee1511, said: “How on earth is there no guardrail on the perimeters of balcony 😕”

While @mrskimah224 said: “Sounds like she might sue. ‘No tour given. No sign’.”