What to expect at this year’s Hotel & Hospitality Expo Africa, Africa Big 7 and Saitex events

An exhibitor explains their product offering to a potential client at HHEA. Picture: Website

An exhibitor explains their product offering to a potential client at HHEA. Picture: Website

Published Jun 3, 2024


With the start of June, the hospitality industry is looking forward to this year’s Hotel & Hospitality Expo Africa, Africa’s Big 7 and Saitex events, taking place from June 11 to 13 at the Sandton Convention Centre.

Hotel & Hospitality Expo Africa (HHEA) is an event designed to connect hospitality buyers with a wide range of global suppliers and brands; and the Expo is also a major platform for the hotel and hospitality sector in Africa, showcasing specialised parts of the interiors industry such as lighting, furniture, furnishings, homeware, artisan products, textiles, office equipment, surface materials and hospitality interiors.

Then there is Africa’s Big 7, which is a premier event that celebrates the diverse and growing food and beverage market.

In its 21st year, the event brings together the best in the food and beverage business to showcase quality and in-demand products, identify growth opportunities and close new business deals.

Thirdly, Saitex is a long-standing platform for trade and business opportunities, now in its 30th edition.

Saitex facilitates international and local trade relationships and allows the private sector to showcase innovation, solutions and services to thousands of buyers, retailers, distributors and wholesalers from multiple trade sectors.

According to the event’s organisers, Margaret Peters Event Manager at dmg Events and Phetogo Kubheka Event Director, Transport & Trade Portfolio at dmg Events, the events will collectively showcase the best in food and beverage, hospitality and trade sectors across Africa and deliver a comprehensive and engaging experience, featuring the latest trends, innovations and opportunities in these industries.

“The three events are co-located, creating a powerful platform for cross-collaboration among the food, interiors, and hospitality industries.

“This one-stop location enhances visibility and networking opportunities, allowing attendees to explore a wide range of products and services across different sectors,” they noted.

They highlighted that with sustainability as a key theme across all events, the events will focus on promoting ethical and organic food products and showcase sustainable hospitality solutions giving attendees valuable insights into how industries are evolving to meet environmental and social responsibilities.

“The co-location of these events offers a range of strategic advantages that benefit exhibitors, attendees and the broader industries involved. By combining these events, organisers create a comprehensive platform that spans multiple interconnected sectors.

“Saitex covers a broad range of international trade and consumer goods, Africa Big 7 focuses on the food and beverage industry, and the Hotel Show targets the hospitality sector.

“Together, they offer a holistic approach to the supply chain from manufacturing to end-consumer services,” they added.

The organisers highlighted that this co-location allows them to create a comprehensive platform that caters to multiple sectors, enhancing the overall value of the event which provides a diverse audience for our exhibitors for both shows.

They said that the event is created for a broad and diverse audience, encompassing professionals and stakeholders from various interconnected industries including international trade professionals, food and beverage industry stakeholders, hospitality industry professionals, retail and consumer goods industry, entrepreneurs and start-ups and investors and financial Institutions

“While the primary focus is on business-to-business (B2B) interactions, the event is open to the public, encouraging wider participation and engagement. This inclusivity helps to raise awareness and understanding of the opportunities within various sectors, promoting broader economic participation,” they revealed.

They also highlighted that events like the Southern Africa International Trade Exhibition (Saitex) are crucial as they provide a platform for showcasing African innovation, fostering intra-African trade, and attracting international investment.

“These events encourage collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the forging of business partnerships that are vital for sustainable development and economic growth across Africa.

“This year, we have pavilions from Zambia, representation from Mozambique, and participation from 10 other African countries.

“Saitex serves as a platform that unites Africa under one roof, facilitating business opportunities and trade,” said the event organisers.

Lastly, the organisers revealed that the shows significantly contribute to the economy by driving business growth and enhancing the tourism sector because they attract industry professionals, investors, and key stakeholders, fostering an environment where meaningful business connections and deals are made.

“This leads to direct economic benefits, such as increased spending on accommodation, dining, and local tours. Moreover, the Hotel and Hospitality Show showcases the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the hospitality industry, enabling businesses to improve their services and competitiveness.

“By facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration, the event helps local businesses elevate their standards, attracting more tourists and boosting the overall economic impact,” they added.

Additionally, the influx of over 5 000 attendees to the Sandton precinct will result in significant economic activity.

“The spending on hotels, restaurants, transportation, and other services during this period directly benefits Johannesburg and its surrounding areas.

“The event’s role in generating real business leads and securing deals across various sectors further supports holistic economic development, ensuring sustained growth and prosperity for the hospitality and tourism industries,” they revealed.