Honor delivers all the bells and whistles with the foldable V2

Honor delivers all the bells and whistles with the foldable V2. Picture: Supplied

Honor delivers all the bells and whistles with the foldable V2. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 25, 2024


Global technology brand, Honor, has officially launched its foldable phone, the Honor Magic V2. While South Africa may be relatively new to foldable phones, the V2, the thinnest and lightest foldable phone has piqued interest thanks to its Artificial Intelligence or AI features.

With these innovations, this device earned the coveted durability certification from SGS – and the hinge is able to withstand more than 400,000 folds – guaranteeing a lifespan of up to 10 years.

Honor said in the world of smartphones, AI has become a beneficial addition.

"Previously, AI was part of features such as voice diction, language translation and facial recognition – but now, AI is embedded in almost component of a smart device – from the camera to the security to even downloaded apps," Honor said.

The Magic V2 measures in at 9.9mm in thickness when folded and weighs around 231g, which is relatively lighter than other foldables on the market.

The Magic V2's design draws inspiration from iconic car brand, Porsche.

Honor Device Co Ltd CEO, George Zhao, said the partnership between the two global brands bring collective innovations to consumers around the world.

"United by a shared pursuit of excellence, Honor and Porsche Design will co-design the next generation of smart devices, combining human-centric technology and functional design to create exciting products for global consumers," he added.


Aesthetically, the Magic V2 ticks all the boxes. It comes standard with a cover, which is really great and an Honor standard. The phone also has a screen protector which gives you peace of mind but remember, the screen literally boasts an anti-scratch NanoCrystal Shield that improves the scratch resistance on the screen.

Something I found particularly fascinating was how the middle fold basically disappeared when I was watching something or reading on screen. It gives the illusion of a mini tablet and you forget that you’re holding a foldable.

I handed the device to a tech buddy who was immediately impressed by how lightweight it is. When “popped open the screen”, he was pleasantly surprised by the wallpaper and this is thanks to the sophisticated and improved hinge design, the Magic V2 exhibits no gaps between screens when folded. With its advanced zero-gear structure, this cutting-edge device introduces an impressive hovering feature.

In terms of use, I love that the cover has a stand so it makes reading through long documents on the screen that much easier to do. You can also split the screen when fully unfolded to you can perhaps browse while you’re watching or if you need to switch between documents.

Charging time is a breeze and it charges faster when the phone is fully opened.

The Magic V2 also has a fantastic camera! The device features an impressive triple rear camera system comprising of a 50MP main camera (f/1.9) with Optimised Image Stability (OIS), a 20MP Telephoto Lens Camera (f/2.4) with OIS, and a 50MP ultra-wide camera (f/2.0), delivering unrivaled image quality.

The smartphone provides support for a wide range of capture modes, including night, zoom, and time-lapse photography.

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The Magic V2 also has an industry-leading 5,000mAh HONOR Dual Silicon-carbon Battery with an average thickness of only 2.72mm. It is perfectly suited for business leaders to leverage all-day use on a single charge, while also boasting 5 cameras to satisfy the needs of avid photographers.

Additionally, rear and front cameras support 4K resolution, enabling users to create cinematic videos with exceptional clarity and meticulous detail. Adding to its impressive capabilities, the device is equipped with the outstanding HONOR AI Motion Sensing Capture, an intelligent algorithm that automatically detects and captures the most precious moments.

The Honor Magic V2 comes in Black with a special vegan leather back will be available for the recommended retail price of R39,999.

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