ANC, DA and NFP endorse IFP’s Thami Ntuli for KZN premiership, says Hlabisa

IFP leader Velenkosini Hlabisa outlined that the IFP will be joining the government of national unity at the party’s media briefing. Picture: Inkatha Freedom Party (Facebook).

IFP leader Velenkosini Hlabisa outlined that the IFP will be joining the government of national unity at the party’s media briefing. Picture: Inkatha Freedom Party (Facebook).

Published Jun 13, 2024


IFP leader Velenkosini Hlabisa has confirmed that the ANC, DA and National Freedom Party (NFP) have given their full support to the IFP’s premiership candidate in KwaZulu-Natal, Thami Ntuli.

Hlabisa was briefing the media at the IFP’s headquarters in Durban on Wednesday, presenting a full report on the party’s stance regarding President Cyril Ramaphosa’s proposed government of national unity.

Despite the uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP) finishing as the leading party in KZN with 45.35% of the vote, Hlabisa was optimistic that Ntuli would be sworn in as the provincial premier.

“The IFP is not conditioned to any positions. Thami Ntuli was our premier candidate for KZN during our campaign, he is still our candidate whom we have presented to the leadership of the ANC, DA and the NFP.

“They have expressed their full support for Ntuli to lead a coalition government at a provincial level to take our province forward. We have met with the NFP, same as the MK,” said Hlabisa.

As political parties are gearing up for the first sitting of the National Assembly on Friday, Hlabisa said the IFP was committed to a multiparty government, highlighting that South Africans purposely chose not to elect a single party to govern.

“Indeed, the 2024 national and provincial elections were a pivotal era. The voters spoke loud and clear that they are not giving a political party a majority rule to govern the national government and in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provincial governance.”

He said the IFP met and engaged with the DA, ANC and NFP on Wednesday morning to form a provincial coalition in KZN and the Gauteng legislature.

“It was agreed on broad coalitions between our negotiating team and other political parties,” said Hlabisa.

KZN was a hotly contested election ground, with the IFP scooping second spot behind the MKP. Hlabisa mentioned the IFP caucus had scheduled a meeting with the MKP on Monday to deliberate over coalitions in KZN, but the MKP failed to arrive for the meeting.

“We agreed to meet with the MK Party. However, the leadership of the MK failed to honour a pre-arranged meeting. Our delegation waited for some time. When they failed to arrive, the meeting was cancelled.

“The meeting was scheduled for Monday afternoon at 17:00. Our team had to wait for two hours and they informed us the delegation was running late after 17:00. The rest of the members of the IFP team dispersed. Mkhuleko Hlengwa remained and waited for another two hours. Nobody pitched up,” said Hlabisa.

He said the MKP was still welcome to engage with the IFP as there was still a day left before Parliament’s first sitting.

“The door is not closed. We still have a day to meet with the MK so we can reach a common course,” said Hlabisa.

He affirmed that the IFP was prepared to join the provincial government of unity in Gauteng with other willing parties. “Talks are still under way with regard to a coalition government in Gauteng. The IFP has confirmed its willingness to join that government of national unity in Gauteng,” said Hlabisa.

The IFP garnered only 0.87% of the vote in Gauteng, giving it one seat in the provincial legislature.

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