ANC is dead, says erstwhile party stalwart Carl Niehaus



Published Jun 13, 2024


Soon to be EFF MP Carl Niehaus says the ANC is dead as he labelled the looming ANC-DA-IFP a “tombstone coalition”.

Niehaus said when he resigned from the ANC in December 2022, he stated that the ANC was no longer a national movement but a “sell-out” organisation.

“I said it is a rotten corpse, that is dead and the only thing that needs to be done is for it to be buried and a tombstone to be erected,” he said at the time.

Niehaus also emphasised that he did not believe that it was just a few top leaders like President Cyril Ramaphosa and some of his comrades who were rotten.

He said the whole ANC from, top to bottom, was now dead. It was, he said, a corrupt sell-out organisation no longer working for the advancement and the liberation of the people of South Africa.

He said the realisation was that the whole ANC was rotten and could no longer be called a national liberation movement.

Niehaus said any action to try and save the ANC was a waste of time. That was the reason why he took a deliberate decision not to join the MK Party which still continues to talk about the saving of the ANC; hence, he joined the EFF.

“The ANC is a lost organisation and the only thing we can do is to work, step by step, to make sure that it is unplugged from power everywhere. A new liberation approach as set out by the EFF and articulated in our seven non-negotiable cardinal pillars can indeed be implemented,” said Niehaus.

He further said he joined the EFF and was extremely happy with his position and role.

Niehaus shared pictures on his social media page on X, while boarding an aircraft to Cape Town, where MPs, including himself, will be sworn in officially today (Friday).

“I am very grateful that the EFF has given me an opportunity now to come to Parliament to serve as an MP for the red batters. It is certain of my intention to pursue the goals for economic freedom in our lifetime as set out in the EFF’s founding documents and also extrapolated on in the party’s 2024 election manifesto,” he said.

Niehaus said it was 27 years since he was last in Parliament.

“Since then, a lot happened; since then the ANC progressively sold out. The fact that the ANC has now entered into a coalition with the DA which is a white right wing, economically neoliberal party that does not care for the majority of black and especially African people in the country, shows that my assessment when I resigned from the ANC was absolutely correct,” Niehaus said.

ANC national spokesperson Mahlengi Bhengu-Motsiri was asked for a reaction to Niehaus assertions. However, she had not responded by the time of going to print.