Market pop-up experience showcases dynamic physical space and collaboration with local designers

Jägermeister launches immersive pop-up experience in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. I Supplied

Jägermeister launches immersive pop-up experience in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. I Supplied

Published Jun 9, 2024


One of the popular alcohol brands, Jägermeister, has launched a market pop-up experience in Braamfontein, showcasing local creativity and brand collaborations with local designers like Boys of Soweto and Thesis.

It is said that this dynamic effort integrates the renowned e-commerce shop “Meister Market” into the physical sphere, providing a tangible and engaging experience that exemplifies the brand’s creative ethos.

The Meister Market pop-up opened to the public from Thursday, June 6 and will last until Saturday, June 15, serving as a bustling link where the digital and real worlds converge.

Tumi Mothei, senior experiential manager, spoke about the pop-up market and how excited they are to bring it to Johannesburg, which has brought their partners together.

“We are for the Meister Market. This is the first time we have taken our e-commerce platform and made it a real brick-and-mortar product.

“This comes from a demand from our consumers, who have always loved our apparel. And as a brand, we have been making a lot of streetwear apparel.

“But I think there are a lot of consumers who might not know. And that is the primary reason we have come to bring all these amazing items that we create for our fans and our brand consumers.

“We have also taken the opportunity and collaborated with some of the most influential and street culture brands, namely Boys of Soweto and Thesis, with whom we’ve also had a long relationship.”

Mothei said there will also be a series of interactive installations, live demonstrations, and exclusive events that will transform the space into a lively and engaging environment.

The pop-up will also feature a dedicated area for workshops and talks, providing insights into the creative processes behind the designs and the stories of the designers.

The pop-up aims to foster community and engagement, inviting visitors to connect with the brand and each other through special events like launch parties, DJ sets, and art exhibitions.

The Meister Market pop-up aims to promote creativity and support emerging talent by featuring exclusive collaborations with up-and-coming designers and celebrating past successful partnerships with established brands, showcasing the diverse and eclectic fashion ethos that Meister Market represents.

The Meister Market pop-up will serve as a dynamic hub, featuring:

Showcase of Apparel: Discover the curated collection available on the Meister Market platform.

Designer Collaborations: Experience exciting new collaborations with established and up-and-coming designers and celebrate past partnerships.

Thesis and Boys of Soweto — these two collaborators — will unveil the new Jägermeister winter collection collaboration.

Creative Essence: Immerse yourself in a multifaceted destination that embodies the creative spirit of Jägermeister.