Rise Mzansi calls for fresh leadership

Published Apr 28, 2024


Rise Mzansi’s national leader, Songezo Zibi, led a Walk for Freedom in Soweto on Saturday.

Accompanied by Struggle veteran Ntate Seth Mazibuko, along with members of the National Leadership Collective, volunteers, and organisers, the event symbolised a collective endeavour for progress.

During the Walk for Freedom, Zibi emphasised the abandonment of the path to freedom by a corrupt political elite, stressing the persistent challenges faced by South Africans, including hunger, unemployment, and rampant crime.

Despite the appearance of democracy, he highlighted that genuine freedom has not yet been achieved. He urged people to show again that they want to be free by getting involved in local activities and becoming Warriors for Freedom, leading the way for a better future.

According to Rise Mzansi national communications officer Mabine Seabe, Rise Mzansi has been clear about South Africa’s commemorative holidays losing their meaning.

“On Freedom Day, it was important that we walked the path of some of our Struggle heroes and heroines. It was also a moment for Rise Mzansi to recommit itself to fighting for true freedom, which means building a safe, prosperous, equal, united and prosperous South Africa.

“Rise Mzansi has been consistent by saying that the political establishment, which includes the ANC and DA, has failed the people of the South Africa, hence South Africans are hungry, live in fear and led by corrupt and uncaring politicians. Political change must happen at the ballot box on 29 May, when South Africans must vote for new, ethical and capable leaders who are found in Rise Mzansi.

“We must also change the political culture where politicians are seen as and treated as gods. Members of Parliament and provincial legislatures work for the people and with the people, which is why Rise Mzansi MPs and MPLs will be found in communities even after elections.”

Seabe added that the governing party had failed us all, so we need new leaders who have a vision for all South Africans, not just their own party members. The party’s vision is to build a safe, prosperous, equal and united country, where people live happy and dignified lives.

“Rise Mzansi leaders are from their communities and will live in their communities. They are young, equally represented by women and men, and are untainted by corruption and political scandals. They care about South Africa, they are ethical and they’re capable to lead South Africa.”

Seabe emphasised that change won’t happen overnight, but assured that with their leadership, tangible change will eventually be evident and impactful.

“We have been engaging in communities every day for the last year, where up to 2 000 ground activities take place every week across the country, where approximately 20 000 supporters are signed up each week. We are meeting with and listening to communities in cities, towns and villages.

“We don’t just do mass meetings, but we also meet people in groups of five, 10 or 20. No group of people is too small to be addressed by and asked questions by leaders. We have strong structures, volunteers and organisers in all nine provinces. National leader Songezo Zibi averages travelling to three provinces each week, where he engages meaningfully with large and small gatherings. We will continue working with and in communities beyond 29 May,“ said Seabe.

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