Rookie parties Bosa, RISE Mzansi, ActionSA and PA score parliamentary seats



Published Jun 3, 2024


The May 29 polls saw the emergence of a slew of political parties running for the presidency and provincial premierships, and their nationwide campaign trails bore the fruits of securing a few seats in the National Assembly – well, some of them.

Former senior member of the DA and now leader of Build One South Africa (Bosa) Mmusi Maimane managed to secure two seats in Parliament and one seat in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature.

Bosa acting spokesperson Roger Solomons told “The Star” that his party is ecstatic and is building towards the 2026 local government elections. “We are extremely proud of the campaign we have run – a clean, hope-filled and vision-led campaign for change. From here, we will continue building the organisation towards the 2026 local government elections and beyond,” said Solomons.

Solomons mentioned that Bosa will appoint Ayanda Allie to occupy the Gauteng Provincial Legislature.

Meanwhile, Songezo Zibi’s RISE Mzansi survived the controversy regarding the party’s funders – the Oppenheimers – and absorbed two seats in the National Assembly and one seat in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature.

“RISE Mzansi wishes to thank all South Africans that have placed their trust in us. This has been a difficult election, and to be able to garner seats in our first election shows that South Africans believe in the politics we have presented as a social democratic movement. We are proud of the strides we have made and confident that we will grow stronger moving forward, now that we know how we have fared across the country,” said RISE Mzansi national spokesperson Gugu Ndima.

Ndima said her party will announce in due course representatives going to Parliament.

ActionSA, led by Herman Mashaba, saw a success in the 2021 local government elections, and this time managed to secure six seats in Parliament and five provincial legislature seats: three in Gauteng and one seat in each legislature in North West and Mpumalanga.

“ActionSA thanks the hundreds of thousands of South African voters who have lent their votes to ActionSA in the very first national elections we contested. ActionSA will now be represented in both the National Assembly and three provincial legislatures, which means for the first time, ActionSA will have representation on all three levels of government.

“It is through the support from thousands of South Africans that ActionSA helped to break the ANC’s majority, having received over 630 000 votes on all three ballots which have been cast. These results provide ActionSA with a firm foundation to push its policies both provincially and nationally to bring change to millions of South Africans, start the work of fixing our country, and keep corrupt and incompetent governments accountable.

“ActionSA will use these results to build upon as we prepare for the 2026 municipal government election campaign as we work to improve the lives of all South Africans and put our people first,” said Mashaba.

Contesting for the first time and securing a majority of the coloured vote, the Patriotic Alliance, led by Gayton McKenzie, scored nine seats in Parliament, and 10 provincial seats across the Western Cape, Gauteng, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape.

“Patriots, you have done incredibly well, you have done your part, you have delivered, it is time for leadership of the PA to do our part and deliver to you. Please pray for our haters, because we are about to start delivering,” said McKenzie on his Facebook page.