Adrenaline-fuelled adventures at Africa’s Travel Indaba Speed Marketing sessions

SA Tourism’s Speed Marketing at the Travel Indaba. Picture: South African Tourism

SA Tourism’s Speed Marketing at the Travel Indaba. Picture: South African Tourism

Published May 16, 2024


South African Tourism's Speed Marketing sessions transformed into a hub of excitement as industry leaders gathered to explore the theme of “Wet Adrenaline” experiences at Africa’s Travel Indaba in Durban.

Representatives had four minutes to market their brand to over a hundred international and local buyers, invited by South African Tourism (SAT).

With a focus on water-based adventures, the event showcased a diverse array of activities that harness the power of the ocean, rivers, and lakes to provide thrilling escapades for adventure-seekers.

Managing the event, Noxolo Daniel from SAT said that “the speed marketing sessions are an excellent platform for connecting businesses with buyers and being able to curate any business opportunities that these products may have.”

South Africa boasts a coastline stretching over 2,850 kilometres from the desert border with Namibia on the Atlantic coast, southwards around the tip of Africa, and then north-east to the border with Mozambique on the Indian Ocean.

At the heart of the session were businesses offering a spectrum of wet adventures, each promising an adrenaline rush like no other. From the adrenaline-pumping depths of shark-cage diving, where brave souls come face-to-face with these majestic predators, to the adrenaline-soaked thrill of white-water rafting through untamed rapids, the session highlighted the breadth of aquatic excitement available in South Africa.

Mthobisi Mbhense from the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board said that “the speed marketing sessions were an amazing opportunity to engage with over a hundred international and local buyers at one time, in one place, something, we as small businesses find difficult to do on our own”.

For those seeking a more leisurely pace, opportunities for deep-sea fishing presented themselves, offering the chance to reel in the catch of a lifetime amid the vast expanse of the ocean. Snorkelling enthusiasts were not left behind, as the session showcased the vibrant underwater ecosystems waiting to be explored beneath the waves.

The Speed Marketing format allowed for quick, but comprehensive interactions between tourism businesses and potential buyers, facilitating connections that could lead to unforgettable experiences for travellers.

With each presentation, attendees gained insights into the unique offerings of water-based adventure providers, from safety protocols to the sheer exhilaration awaiting those who dare to dive in.

Romy Wenzel of Sapphire Coast Tourism on the upper south coast implored visitors to “explore the tranquil beauty of KZN’s Sapphire Coast through a variety of sea-based activities. Whether it's leisurely beach-combing, peaceful fishing trips or blood-pumping shark cage diving, there's something for everyone to experience.”