Emirates introduces the humble Durban bunny chow to the mile high club

Emirates regional manager in SA Afzal Parambil. Picture: Supplied

Emirates regional manager in SA Afzal Parambil. Picture: Supplied

Published May 15, 2024


Did you know world leading airline Emirates serves Durban's humble bunny chow on board its flights to South Africa?

Well, I didn't. So I was surprised and delighted to hear this while interviewing the airline's regional manager in South Africa, Afzal Parambil, at Africa's travel Indaba in Durban.

"The bunny chow is an iconic meal representing one of South Africa's many cultures and we were proud to introduce this to the world. We also serve SA wine on our routes and its interesting to note that the wine maker can't keep up with sales since we began serving his wine. Its about supporting and partnering with locals, and South Africa is an important one for us," Parambil told IOL.

Emirates, like other exhibitors at Indaba, shared an excitement to be in Durban and experience the hospitality which we are known for.

"What I love about South Africans is their ability to come together even if they have some challenges with each other. I love seeing how patriotic they are at sports, how they unite around this, it’s why I attend sport games, I love watching this," added Parambil.

The excitement of being in Durban was evident around Indaba - abuzz with a flurry of delegates deep in conversation about trade opportunities, excited to share their destination profiles and bag tourism partnerships. It’s needed - and Durban played the perfect host on day one. We rolled out the red carpet and ensured that first impressions ticked all the boxes.

The African rhythm set the scene in the Africa Hall, as drummers wowed visitors.

There was a vibrancy, an energy, an explosion of African soul.

There was colour, a cultural tapestry of countries, sun-kissed beaches, game drives on magnificent bushland, majestic mountain peaks overlooking spectacular valleys and dips ... we displayed it all.

On walls, ceilings and screens, the sights and sounds of the marvel of Africa came alive. Africa is truly the star at Indaba.

The excitement was palpable and Durban - with its last shot at the show before it goes out to tender again - really showed it was not going to let go easily. It pulled out all the stops, and industry players are thrilled.

"Numbers are great at Indaba this year and it’s going to be a rebirth of KZN travel and tourism," says Brett Tungay, East Coast chairperson of the Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa.

It's definitely time for Africa at Indaba!

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