WATCH: Solo female travel is on the rise – tips on how to stay safe

A survey of Gen Z women found that more than half of respondents are interested in travelling abroad alone. Picture: Pexels

A survey of Gen Z women found that more than half of respondents are interested in travelling abroad alone. Picture: Pexels

Published May 20, 2024


For many women, solo travel is about enjoying the freedom and flexibility, getting away from routine and responsibilities, and having me-time to relax and practice self-care.

It is also empowering and liberating - a space within which one can challenge yourself and step out of their comfort zone.

A survey of Gen Z women found that more than half of respondents are interested in traveling abroad alone. Gen Z are those born between 1997 and 2012.

The appeal of booking a solo adventure is often influenced by the travels of others.

Furthermore, of those who have previously travelled alone, half of them said they would encourage females to plan an individual trip.

Personal safety is always a big concern.

Here are a few top tips for female solo travellers to keep safe:

Meeting new people

One of the best ways to meet new people is by travelling solo, however, never divulge that you are indeed travelling alone.

If asked outright, rather give the impression that you are part of a group. Trust your instincts and respond accordingly.

Get to know the area

After check-in go for a short stroll within the immediate vicinity of your accommodation to familiarise yourself with the surroundings as well as the general safety of the area, especially if you are planning to venture out later that night.

Look for restaurants that offer early dinner discounts.

Choose your accommodation wisely

Select well-reviewed and reputable hotels with good security measures. Avoid sharing your room number loudly during check-in.

Location matters

Choose properties close to your destination with close proximity to business centres, malls, and quick access to reliable transport.

If possible, arrive and check in during daylight hours for a safer environment.

Local support

Ask your friends and family, before you head to your destination, the contact details of someone they know who is local.

Not only can the person give insight into top places to visit or avoid but also serve as a backup should you need them if a problem arises.

Stay connected

Keep your phone charged and have emergency contacts easily accessible. Consider carrying a portable charger or a power bank for extended use. Choose hotels with uncapped and strong Wi-Fi that operates during load-shedding.

Reputable transportation

Rely on reputable transportation services, especially when arriving in the evening. Avoid unmarked taxis and choose service apps with good reviews.

Inquire about the hotel's shuttle service for ease of travel and reliability.

Keep your valuables secure

Choose hotels with new and reputable safes to store important documents, digital equipment, jewellery, and extra cash.

More tips

Load your bank card onto your phone for efficient and seamless transactions.

Double-check locks on windows and doors before settling in

Exercise caution when opening the door to your room for anyone. Always verify the person's identity and utilise your door’s peephole, if available.